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New on / Webmaster's Notice Last Updated on: Sun. Mar. 19, 2000

  This is Hinto.netSo I got my report card back last Friday. Actually I did pretty well. Phew! Anyway here's what's new:

1: 9 KTLA award pictures were added.
2: A link to KTLA reporter Ron Olsen's website was added. (
Links / KTLA News)

3: All the HTML files in the News Watch subdirectory were moved back to home directory.

4: A start-up sound is added. Yup, it's the "Who wants to be a Millionaire" theme. I'm doing this because of the whole Million dollar mania. That doesn't mean I am gonna take it away once the mania's over. It's just that I may change the sound into something else. But for the time being, it's staying here for a while. And that's my final answer.

OK, I know that I've been a bit too concentrated on News Watch lately. But y'see, there were times when I was ignoring it, so now I'm kinda making up for it. And BTW happy belated St. Patty's Day!

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