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My City
This is the page where my imaginary city named Hinto is introduced.

How "Hinto City" is started


I started "Hinto City" in March 1998. I was influenced by my friend, Michael, who was also working on a map (his city was named "Tinto"). We worked on each other's city together, and under his advise and suggestion, "Hinto City" is now much developed. It's now in a region called "Hinto Territory" or "Greater Hinto".

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Map of Downtown Hinto
Map of Hinto Territory
Hinto Territory Development Plan 2002
Hinto Inter-City Subway System (HICX)
Press Media (Television)

Maps on the City


Map of Downtown Hinto City

Downtown Hinto City

The above is a view of downtown Hinto City. There are a few remarkable buildings, but maybe you can't see them.

Buildings (not arranged in apparent order):

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Map of Hinto Territory

Hinto Territory

The picture wasn't scanned well, thus you can see the borders between cities clearly but not their names. I put a list of their names below, in order to let you have a clearer idea of what they're called.

Names of the cities in Hinto Territory (arranged in alphabetical order):

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Hinto Territory Development Plan 2002

The facilities below are going to be constructed inside Hinto Territory:

  1. Yeas Space Center (construction site: Cona Island, Hinto City)

  2. Juan Bay Sewage Treatment Plant (construction site: Juan, Crystaland)

  3. Charler Power Plant (construction site: North Lamosa, Crystaland)

  4. Mid-West Hinto Cybertechnology City (construction site: area across Colamino, Western Hinto, Riviera and Limans)

  5. Horizon Bay Resort (construction site: Horizon Peninsula, Crystaland)

  6. Media University and Media City extension (construction site: Piteria, Hinto City)

  7. Poseidon Tower (construction site: on the sea off the shoreline of Hinto City)

  8. Flagsland (construction site: inside the city of Henrios)

  9. Beatland relocation (construction site: Clementia, Crystaland)

Other Possibilities:

  1. Collingson International Airport (construction site: undecided, but probably in the Limans-Yosela area)

  2. Hinto Grand Prix Velodrome (construction site: probably near Clementia, Crystaland)

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Hinto Inter-City Subway System (HICX)

HICX is the subway system that runs in the Greater Hinto area.

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Press Media (Television)

Call Letters: HMTB-TV
Dial Position: 4
Digital Television Channel: 48
Station ID: Metro 4
Name of News Operation: "METRO 4 News Now"
News Theme: "NewsSeries 2000" by Frank Gari
Slogan: "More News 4 HINTO"
Chopper: Yes, "MetroChopper"
Network Affiliation: Illonian National Television (INT)
Ownership: Illonian National Television (INT)
Call Letters: HYTO-TV
Dial Position: 5
Digital Television Channel: 32
Station ID: HiNTO 5
Name of News Operation: "HiNTO 5 News"
News Theme: Carlton/LWT "London Tonight" 1993-1998 theme (composer unknown)
Slogan: "Hinto's Most Trusted News Coverage"
Chopper: Yes, "SkyVision 5"
Network Affiliation: Honing-Olympus Network (HON)
Ownership: Hinto Television and Radio, Inc. (controlled by Honing-Olympus Media)
Call Letters: HLTE-TV
Dial Position: 7
Digital Television Channel: 35
Station ID: i-7
Name of News Operation: "7 i-Witness News"
News Theme: Current WPIX "WB11 News at Ten" theme by Non-Stop Music
Slogan: "Your 'i' on Hinto"
Chopper: Yes, "Sky i-7"
Network Affiliation: Illionian Independent Television (IITV), re-branded as "i-Channel"
Ownership: Hawk Broadcasting
Call Letters: HSBN-TV
Dial Position: 8
Digital Television Channel: 50
Station ID: SBN Hinto
Name of News Operation: "SBN Hinto News"
Slogan: "The City's News Leader"
Chopper: Yes, "SuperCopter"
Network Affiliation: Super Broadcasting Network (SBN)
Ownership: Super Broadcasting Network (SBN)
Call Letters: HTCT-TV
Dial Position: 9
Digital Television Channel: 40
Station ID: UTB9
Name of News Operation: "NewsCenter 9"
News Theme: "Image News" by Frank Gari
Chopper: Yes, "Air 9"
Network Affiliation: United Television Broadcasts (UTB)
Ownership: United News and Media Illonia (parent company of UTB)
Call Letters: HIMB-TV
Dial Position: 29
Digital Television Channel: /
Station ID: HIMB29
Name of News Operation: "Channel 29 News" (since it's a multilingual station, this name would be translated into several different languages)
Network Affiliation: Independent/ Multi-lingual
Ownership: Mingpao Illonia


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