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Welcome to TV Vancouver, the first website dedicated to TV news and presentation in Vancouver, BC, Canada's 3rd largest city.

Television in Vancouver: Right Here, Right Now.

However I was interested in TV news and presentation, I never thought of starting a site on those things, until (well)... November 28th, 2000, when TV Vancouver was launched. Not much thoughts went into the original logo, as it was simply a "tv.yvr" text in Arial Black font placed inside a VTV shape.

After Christmas 2000 I started capturing videos and screenshots. In the meantime, major news events began to happen (the earthquake, the transit strike, etc.). It was quite intereting seeing how the stations covered those events.

This current layout had been in the works since as early as April 2001. I was going to debut it on Crossover Day to coincide with an occasion that happens about once in a million lifetimes. But later I abandoned that idea because I decided it wouldn't work. So I waited until October 14th, 2001.

Speaking of the layout, here's how the front page should look like under preferred viewing conditions (IE4+, resolution 800600 pixels):

... and how the rest of the pages should look like:
(left: top of the page) (right: bottom of the page)

The site's content area and the nav menu should be enclosed within the gold line and the left side of the screen. The nav menu is usually to the right of the each page's content area. The hyperlinks on the site aren't usually underlined, but you can tell it's a link if the cursor changes from an arrow to a hand.

I believe the most of the site's visitors are using IE, but I am aware that some of you are using Netscape or AOL (mebbe even Opera).  In those cases, the viewing of the site should still be fine, although the site's appearance might be slightly different. That shouldn't affect the contents whatsoever.

Most of the multimedia files on the site are encoded as Real Media files with a target bandwidth of either Dual ISDN or Corporate LAN. This setting was used in order to provide good video and sound quality, but at the same time keep the file size down. It's sort of a compromise between Windows Media file (good quality but large file size) and Real Media files targeting lower bandwidths eg. 56k (small file size but poor quality).

The site is hosted on Tripod, the Real Media Files on Geocities, and the counter and polling services are supplied by Bravenet. The polls are not conducted scientifically.

I cannot stress enough that I, being the webmaster of this site, do not by any means have any relations with any mentioned TV station and/or its owner(s).

I have to reiterate that the TV screenshots, multimedia files and logos are copyright of their respective station/ companies. I do not claim ownership over those files. They are here only for information/education and entertainment purposes. A similar but abbreviated caption should appear at the bottom of each page.


My Thanks To...

So I hope you'll enjoy the site. Remember if you have any information or comments, don't hesitate to email me.