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CHAN "News Hour"

Taken from 12/27/2000.

Tony Parsons The teaser usually starts with this... ...and goes on like this... ...and this 1-second animation is shown in between stories. A live Towercam shot of Victoria is shown afterwards. The segment open to "World Net." Tony with the cut-in-half L3 and the OTS. Now here's the typical L3 with 2 rows. At about 6:20 they have everybody sitting at the desk... ...Pamela Martin with a look ahead at what's on the Health segment... ...then Squire Barnes for a preview of sports... ...and lastly, Wayne Cox with reports from some WeatherLive stations...A live shot of Vancouver, with real-time weather info at the bottom of the screen. Here's one of the stations, at CHEK-TV Victoria. They then check the ICBC road report. Tony then reads the teaser from another camera. After a break here's Tony with the "News Bytes" OTS. The L3 graphic with the "News Bytes" element. Here's Wayne with a detailed look at the weather, with the Vancouver cityscene chroma-keyed behind him. The almost-24-hour forecast chroma-keyed behind Wayne. The south coast 5 day planner. BTW the full-screen graphic is usually animated. Then we take a trip across the province. Here's the regional forecast for the Northeast. The segment open to Health News. Pamela's back again for the health segment. Pamela with the L3. After a while Squire's back with sports. Squire with the L3 and OTS. Before they go they have a final look back at the top stories. Here's the full screen graphic that goes with it. A final 4 shot. The copyright caption.

Taken from 1/3/2001.

"Live from BCTV..." " are tonight's..." " stories..." The logo moves away and creates this blinding effect. And this 1-second animation is shown in between headlines. Equally blinding. "Right now, News Hour, with Tony Parsons." Tony with the cut-in-half L3 and the OTS telling the date. The full-screen graphic, each point being enclosed by tilted square brackets (kind of like what NBC does). Oliver Lum doing an interview. The full-screen graphic showing how well the stock markets did that day. A rarely-seen full-screen graphic that shows a stock's performance day by day. Nortel went up a cool 15% that day.