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CHAN "Morning News"

Taken from 1/31/2001.

Another half hour of The Morning News begins with this wide shot of the desk and Lynn Colliar. The "WeatherLive" bar at the bottom of the screen stays there for most of the newscast. Then Zack Spencer at the chromakey wall with the L3. Then Sarah Daniels at the traffic center with the L3. Then: "Live from BCTV [A long pause as the words come in to the screen], the Morning News, with Lynn Collier." Here's Lynn. In a split screen, Lynn hands it to Dawn Roberts live in the newsroom. Dawn Roberts in the newsroom with the L3 and "live" graphics. Here's the full screen graphic with what other things are making news.After a while at 7:05 they go to Zack Spencer for a look at weather. A very soggy forecast for the day. Then they go to Sarah for a check on traffic. Here she is with a different shot of the traffic center. She reminds the viewers to call them if they spot any traffic problems. The tease graphic, which differs slightly from the normal one seen in other newscasts. After the break Lynn's back with the L3. The segment open to "Canada On-line." After a while they go to ScotiaMcLeod's Chris Carter for a look at business news. Here are the L3 and "Reuters" graphics. Here's the full screen with the market movements. Glad to see everything's up. Later they go back to Zack for the "First Up" Forecast. The 4 day forecast. They remove most of the "WeatherLive" bar during the weather segment, leaving only the logo and the time. The segment open to "Traffic Watch." Sarah's back again with a wide shot of the traffic center. Here are the L3 and "Traffic Watch" graphics. The traffic map. That green thing is actually the cursor on Sarah's computer. A live shot of the Lions Gate Bridge, courtesy of the provincial government's camera. That is indicated by the provincial coat of arms in the top left corner. After the health segment, they show a promo urging people to go to their site for more health news. They then go back to Zack for "Commuter Forecast." They go to Barry Deley in the newsroom for a look at sports. The second half of the hour is pretty much a carbon copy of the first half, so I'll skip to 7:56 with a look at the day's headline on The Vancouver Sun. They're all at the desk for a little chat before they go. The copyright caption. The skies are actually clearing.