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"CHEK-TV News @ 5:00"

Taken from 1/3/2001. Hudson Mack was off that night. Also they don't have an OTS.

Part of the open. A while later we see the CHEK logo. The logo's still here... CHEK-TV News at 5:00. The short animation shown in between headlines. Here's Sophie Lui with the L3. Phillip Campbell with the L3. He was walking rather quickly. Sophie from another angle of the set. Dana Hatchings doing an interview. The full-screen graphic. Sophie hands it to Veronica "Vee" Cooper for the first look at weather. Vee Cooper. A look at current conditions from locations across Vancouver Island. They then go to Youbou to some "Weather CHEKer" for their weather observations. The 24-hour outlook superimposed over a live camera shot from Harbour Towers. The camera zooms out and pans to the left to allow some desk chat with Alex Robertson. Alex with a look ahead at sports. The teasers usually start with this. Here's Gordie Tupper, doing something at the supermarket's soup aisle during the teaser. Sophie with the L3 from yet another angle of the set. They don't usually have a bug, but when they do, its primary purpose is to desparately try to cover the NBC bug already there, having taped this right off from "NBC Nightly News." They take a look at weather conditions across Canada as they go to break. Vee's back for a detailed look at weather. The weather map chroma-keyed behind her is the same one used by BCTV. She then take us on a regional tour across the island. Finally, a very wet 4 day forecast. I didn't count the 1st row, which is for "tonight," because tonight doesn't really count as a day. At the bottom of the hour, we take a look back at the top stories (or Island Headlines as they call it). The CHEK logo appears, then fades away. The L3 with the "5:30 Update" element. The "Island Places, Island Faces" graphic. After a while they go to some guy at "Victoria Times-Colonist" for tomorrow's headlines. After a while they take a look at today's closing market numbers as they go to break. BTW this is Nasdaq's largest one-day gain ever! Time for sports! Sophie hands it over to Alex Robertson. Alex with the L3, reporting with the minimal aid of the screen. As they come back from the last break of the hour, they show this full-screen graphic with their contact info. Why are they still using the WIC web domain? Here's Gordie Tupper with the "Gordie's World" graphic. He's suffering from flu, that's why he was looking at soup for comfort earlier. At the end of the program they're all at the desk. The camera zooms out. It looks shaky as if it was held by a cameraman.