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CIVT "Vancouver Breakfast"

Taken from 1/31/2001.

At the top of the hour they show their logo. They don't really have an open. Then they show the station's logo outside their downtown studio. There's someone performing at the set (I can't remember her name)... The camera turns to Aamer. Then he tosses it to Nicola Crosbie upstairs for a quick look at weather. They then go to Tamara Taggart for a look at what's coming up in her feature report. And here you see their normal L3 for the breakfast show. After all that they go to Colleen Christie for the news. They use the regular news graphics for the news section. Colleen with the OTS. After that she tosses it to Nicola for the day's forecast. Then she moves on to traffic. The live shot of the intersection of Kingsway and Boundary Street is chroma-keyed on the panel thing. The "live" graphic. The Lions Gate Bridge doesn't look too busy at 8:11. She then tosses it back to Aamer downstairs... ...for an interview with someone... ...who turns out to be a lawyer. As they go to break, they show the intersection of Kingsway and Boundary one more time, then superimpose their logo and email address over it. They often give away things, from Canucks tickets to wine glasses, to the 9th caller who calls the number. Today they're giving out monster truck and co. tickets. After a little while they show the studio shot from high above. The demonstration set is the one in blue (top left), the interview set is in red with thousands of clocks (right), and you can just see a little bit of the green kitchen set (bottom left).Aamer with the L3 and the HDTV behind him. Then they go back to Colleen for a check back on the top stories. The beeps of the news theme is played in the background. After that it's Tamara's feature segment. Today we're talking about nutrition and the likes. I think it's taped, and that's why you don't see a "live" graphic. Aamer at the demonstration set. At 8:42 we're set to cook! Here we are at the kitchen set. Today we have chef Garry Steel. And of course, the recipe is displayed on the breakfast full-screen graphic. At 8:56 they're all here at the kitchen set trying the stuffed pepper as they say goodbye. They show the full-screen graphic with what's coming up. The copyright caption. Once again they show the studio shot from high above, this time free of the big sunshine logo.