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CIVT "VTV News at Six"

Taken from 1/5/2001. The open has been in use since Sept. 1999, but the other graphics shown here didn't debut until Sept. 2000.

This is played at the start of the bumper. This is shown in between headlines. The open starts out with a giant "9" with Lower Mainland locations spinning around it. The chopper's back again! Another look at the giant "9," with the Burrard Street Bridge in the background. The open ends with this. "This is VTV News at Six." Ravi Baichwal and Bridgitte Anderson with the L3. Ravi from the side camera. Samantha Shatzky with the L3. Bridgitte with the OTS. The full-screen graphic. Ravi with the OTS. Ravi with the L3. Kate Corcoran with the L3. Here's a live camera shot, looking across the street from their studio at Robson and Burrard. After that they go to Nicola Crosbie for weather. She's in for David Jones. Nicola with the L3, presenting in front of a lovely shot of the city from earlier. Now I'm sure this is achieved by chroma-key. The regional forecast. The clouds and the blue skies in the background indicate that it's gonna be partly cloudy, so there's no need for a weather icon. They do when it's rainy. The all-important forecast for the night, as well as for the next few days. The tease graphic. After the break they take a look at the markets. Just two days before this Nasdaq had a record gain. Followed by a studio shot. We now start the international news segment. After yet another break they go to Kathy Kovacs for sports. Kathy with the L3. The HUGE screen at a distance serves as an OTS. Dan Murphy with the L3. It's Friday, which means they've compiled the "Plays of the Week" sponsored by the Keg. They're still using the full-screen from 2 years ago. After YET another break they go to Aamer Haleem with entertainment at the comfy big red couch. According to him a caller from Coquitlam said he looked slouchy sitting like that. Despite all the changes we've encountered in the last 3 years or so, "Entertainment Reel" still looks the same. After Nicola offers the last check at weather, we look at the picture drawn by the day's Weather Watcher. And after the look back at top stories, they say goodbye. The news still ends with studio shots. And the sponsor of Bridgitte's wardrobe. And yet another studio shot with the graphic displaying the hair salon sponsor fading away. They zoom in really close at the VTV logo on the desk... ...then zoom out as the copyright caption comes in to the screen.