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Fairchild TV (News, Business and Weather)

Taken from 1/31/2001.

Part of the open. Their logo is acting kind of like the hands of the clock. A translucent Canadian flag is superimposed over the clock. Then we see a satellite receiver set on the roof a building. As we move down the building we see lots of TV screens on other buildings. Then the numbers "2""0""0""1" come into view one by one. Then the 3D Chinese characters for "News Report" come into the screen covering the clock. The characters explode and the headlines come out from the clock. The clock, by the way, keeps rotating counter-clockwise in between headlines. After the third headline is shown we see a studio shot. Siu-man Luk (or Luk Siu-man in Chinese), with the anchor name caption and the date printed on the OTS (a little a la BCTV).Luk with the local news OTS. They don't really have a teaser, but before they go to break, they do show a graphic in the lower right corner saying "See you in a bit." Luk with the Hong Kong news OTS. Luk clears the desk as they take away the OTS and prepare to go to the studio shot. The credits are shown, followed by the copyright caption. Both occupy only the lower right corner of the screen. The short open to "Business News," separate from the main newscast. Here's Luk Siu-man again, just arrived from the desk to the chromakey wall. Whoever does the news that evening also does business news. The animated full-screen graphic, which features the station logo. Again a bit a la BCTV, but this is only shown during business news. From top to bottom: Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Toronto Stock Exchange, CDNX Canadian Venture Exchange and London FTSE. Some music is played in the background. The short open to "Weather Report," also separate from the main newscast. Presenter Lui-lui Bat (or Bat Lui-Lui in Chinese) walks to the chromakey wall. Back in Hong Kong weather presenter is a stereo-typed job: They don't have meteorologists, instead they have some girl/woman who are often decent-looking but (I'm sure) don't know the difference between high pressure and low pressure. All they need to do is to read things off the teleprompter. Bat with the forecast. The white streaks behind her are actually rain drops. Rain drops are shown whenever it's rainy here, and beams of sunshine like those in the open are shown when it's sunny. Another Hong Kong approach to TV news/weather: They have the forecast for cities around the world. Here from top to bottom: Seattle, SFO, LA, NYC, Vegas and Miami. They also have forecasts for cities from Moscow to Sydney. The weather full screen, with nothing on it because they've taken off the international forecast and Bat has yet to walk back to the wall. There she is with the copyright caption. On Wednesdays and Saturdays they have the winning lotto numbers, which again is separate from the newscast.