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Global Idents
Global is the only English-language local station/network in possibly the entire North America (as far as I know) that shows an official set of idents before most programs. Those idents are mostly animations that involve objects such as fish, flowers, maple leaves, etc. forming the Global arc at the end. Each ident has a varying version of the jingle.

We start with the end. This frame is shown at the end of every ident. We then go back to the start:

Ident: Butterfly

Ident: First Nations / Totem Pole
(This ident might be scary to younger kids. I don't really know.)

Ident: Sails

Ident: Countdown. I like this variation of the jingle the best. There is also another version of this ident running in negative colours. 

Ident: Provincial Flags and Maple Leaves. I like this version the best. (The flag of New Brunswick is upside down...)

Ident: Flowers

Ident: Loon

Other ones: Balloon, Fish, Fireworks

More snapshots of those Global idents and other presentation styles will be available soon. Click here to view the idents as Real videos.