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Special Coverage

BCTV "News Hour"

The pre-newscast tease, which is not typical considering the graphic and that it's not shown during the open. "Live from BCTV..." Usually after this voiceover you'd expect it to say "here are tonight's top stories" followed by the headlines, but that night... ...they went right to "News Hour, with Tony Parsons." Tony with the cut-in-half L3 and the date OTS... ...turning over to one that says "Pacific Northwest Quake." The map that shows the epicenter and the shockwaves. This is the special L3 created for the earthquake coverage. This item was shot from the 51st floor of the Seattle City Hall during the quake. Then we went to this shot on the shaky camera. We see KING5's Don Porter.Here we see KING5's Linda Brill (right), who's running for her life, and Don Porter... ...who quickly grabs a mic and reports on the situation. He's being CGd by the standard BCTV L3. Washington State governor Gary Locke is being interviewed. They go live to John L. Daly at Vancouver General Hospital. John L. Daly at VGH with the L3 and "live" graphics. The special L3 is shown again. Here we see people being evacuated from the Pacific Central Station in Vancouver. The L3's shown on this shot, too. We turn our attention to the Island in this report. Keith Baldrey live in front of the Provincial Legislature in Victoria. He blinks incredibly frequently... Keith tossing it back to Tony. It looks like he's blinking, but actually he's not. The special L3's used again, this time asking "How big was it?" Well, the answer's the big number on the screen! In this series of diagrams, we see why the earthquake happened. In this series of diagrams, we see why the earthquake happened. In this series of diagrams, we see why the earthquake happened. They go live to Catherine Pope in Seattle. Catherine in Seattle with the L3 and "live" graphics. During the quake, she was at the Seattle City Hall too! (Or so I assume.) She got under the door frame, and walked back into the room right after the quake. She's the one standing in the middle holding a piece of paper Here again, the special L3 as they look at what school children did during the quake (very logically duck, cover and hold). The L3's used again as they inspect the downtown buildings. This package was reported by Tara Nelson. They go live to Catherine Urquhart in Stanley Park. Catherine Urquhart live in Stanley Park with the L3 and "live" graphics. Yup, there were power outages. Jas Johal did that report. The cracks-in-the-earth full-screen graphic, displaying how many 911 calls were received after the earth shook. The last time we see the L3, as we go investigate if people are ready for the "Big One." Oliver Lum did the report. Their water survival supply (for 1 person only), along with their first aid kit and other quake supplies, have the station's logo on it.For more quake preparedness things, you can check out page 22 in the Telus White Pages. Or you can go to their site too. Before we end the newscast, Mike McCardell goes to a music store and asks its employees to write a song about the earthquake. The 3 shot. Notice that Pamela Martin isn't here. They totally skipped her health report that day.