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Special Coverage

KING5 Images

On this shaky shot we see Don Porter. Here we see Linda Brill (right), who's running for her life, and Don... ...who quickly grabs a mic and reports on the situation. We're seeing tons of graphics in this shot: The "Breaking News" L3, the "Live" and "SkyKING" graphics, and the information bar running at the bottom of the screen. In this shot the "SkyKING" graphic's taken away, and the normal "Live" graphic comes in. In this shot they actually said it was a 6.2 earthquake. This building is quite severely damaged. Then in this shot they say it's magnitude 7.0. We see a crack in a brick wall. In this shot they say it's 6.2 again. The information bar's taken away. Now they're saying it's 6.8, which is the correct magnitude. SkyKING's flying over the damaged State Dome in Olympia. Now SkyKING's flying over a damaged highway. I think it's the US 101. Now SkyKING's flying over the control tower at Sea-Tac International, which was damaged. The L3 still says it's 6.2 in this shot. A woman ducks under her table. Now SkyKING's flying over the scene where a brick wall came tumbling down. 

KIRO7 Images

The "Breaking News" L3. Here we see people attending the Microsoft function trying to get out of the room where pieces fall down from the ceiling. Later this shot was shown nationwide. Here we see UW seismologist Bill Steele being interviewed by KIRO. The school closures list is running at the bottom of the screen.