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Channel 2/ CBUT-TV
Cable Channel 3
Network: CBC
Ownership: CBC

CBC's journalistic standards had always been quite high. However, the public broadcaster had also been plagued with lack of funds. The most recent budget cut resulted in the almost cancellation of local newscasts on owned-and-operated stations, including Vancouver's "Broadcast One." Instead, the network premiered "Canada Now," half of which consists of national and international news produced incidentally out of Vancouver. Another half consists of local news produced at local CBC studios. The national/international half is anchored by Ian Hanomansing, the local half in Vancouver by Gloria Macarenko, who used to anchor "Broadcast One."

News Title: "Canada Now"
Slogan: "Breaking News and All the Rules"
Air Time: 6-7pm weeknights (Ian Hanomansing, Gloria Macarenko)
Previous News Title(s): "NewsCentre", "CBC Evening News", "Broadcast One"
(including but not limited to this list)

Channel 6/ CHEK-TV 
Cable Channel 6
Network: Independent/ CH
Ownership: CanWest Global

Since the launch of its news department in 1972, CHEK-TV had been the only source for local news on the Island. In the days as CHEK-TV, it had newscasts at noon, 5pm and 11:30pm on weekdays. Then came Crossover in 2001, where a couple of changes took place. First, "CHEK-TV News" was renamed "CH News." As the station dropped the simulcast of the News Hour on CHAN-TV, it added in its place a new 30-minute 6pm newscast, followed by a magazine-type of program titled "Go!" "Sports Page" migrated here from CKVU as well. All this took place as CIVI was about to launch, ending CHEK's monopoly on the Island for almost half a century.

News Title: "CH News"
Slogan: "News That's Closer To Home"
Air Time: 

12noon-1pm CH News at Noon Bruce McAllister
5-6:30pm CH News Ed Watson, Sophie Lui
6:30-7pm Go! Magazine Nancy Sinclair
11-11:30pm Sports Page (variable)
11:30-12mid CH News Final Jennifer Crosby

5-6pm: CH News at Five

Previous News Title(s): "CHEK-6 News," "CHEK-TV News"
(including but not limited to this list)

Channel 8/ CHAN-TV
Cable Channel 11
Network: Global
Ownership: CanWest Global

BCTV had been the dominant market rating powerhouse for at least the last 2 decades. The News Hour with Tony Parsons was not only the most watched newscast in the Vancouver/ Victoria area, but also the entire province. The newscast would also be among the top 10 most watched programs on most nights, often finishing first. The station's other newscasts would also dwarf the competition if there even was any. It was the only Vancouver station to have newscasts everyday at noon and on weekend mornings. It produced about 40 hours of news each week, one of the most in the Pacific Northwest. It also produced "Canada Tonight," a semi-national newscast which was aired on other WIC stations in the country. It was truly a proud news operation.

Things started to change once CanWest Global took over. First, Canada Tonight became the temporary replacement to First National in Eastern Canada. Then, several months before the affiliation switch, the station lost 2 of its best-known news anchors, Bill Good and Pamela Martin, to distant rival CIVT. More changes followed during the switch. In order to preserve its well-respected name while introducing a Global connection, the news operation was now known as a clumsy "BCTV News on Global." Canada Tonight was axed, replaced by GlobalNational with Kevin Newman, produced at the station's studio. Through all the chaos, the hours and the quality of the newscasts survived, and the suppertime newscast remained invincible. But for how long? Only time will tell.

News Title: "BCTV News on Global"
Slogan: "k(NO)w Sooner"" (for promos)
Air Time: 

6-9am Morning News Lynn Colliar, Steve Darling
Zack Spencer (weather)
Sarah Daniels (traffic)
12noon-1pm Noon News Hour Randene Neill
Zack Spencer (weather)
5-5:30pm Early News Deborra Hope
5:30-6pm GlobalNational  Kevin Newman
6-7pm News Hour Tony Parsons
Wayne Cox (weather)
Squire Barnes (sports)
11pm-12mid News Hour Final Jill Krop


7-10am Sat.
8-10am Sun.
Saturday/ Sunday Morning News Robyn Stickley
Mark Madryga (weather)
Jay Durant (sports)
12noon-1pm Noon News Hour
5:30-6pm GlobalNational  Tara Nelson
6-7pm News Hour Suzette Meyers
Mark Madryga (weather)
Jay Durant (sports)
11:30pm-12mid News Hour Final Reg Hampton

* GlobalNational is a national newscast; however, it is produced at the CHAN studios.

Previous News Title(s): "BCTV News" (assumed news title)
(including but not limited to this list)

Channel 10/ CKVU-TV
Cable Channel 13
Network: Independent
Ownership: CHUM Television

BCTV's stranglehold on the news ratings in the Lower Mainland had been so strong that its status was never seriously challenged, even long after CKVU signed on in 1976 and began to provide an alternative. Nonetheless, CKVU still managed to become a respectable second-place station. And while BCTV began to experiment with newscasts at other dayparts, CKVU held its own and focused on its existing products in the early evening and late night. Its nightly sportscast, "Sports Page", was also very popular among local sports fans.

The situation then went downhill rather dramatically, as the station seems to have suffered the most in the aftermath of the affiliation switch in 2001. Having lost the Global affiliation and its lucrative lead-in programming, the station saw its news ratings decline, and was even surpassed by newcomer CIVT (newly made the market's CTV station) in a matter of months. Global even took "Sports Page" with it and placed it on Victoria's CHEK-TV (now CH).

That, however, may have presented the perfect opportunity for Moses Znaimer to implement his trademark Citytv format. CHUM took control of CKVU in fall 2001, and officially re-branded the station as Citytv Vancouver in July 2002. With the re-brand came a makeover in just about every aspect of the station's operation, including the news department. The station implemented the stand-up style of news presentation synonymous with the "CityPulse" branding, and added a 3-hour morning show ("Breakfast Television").

That was not the end of the story, as the station continued to see a high turnover rate among its on-air personnel, a trend that had persisted into 2005. Experience has told the station that constant changes do not necessarily translate into ratings; has it listened?

News Title: "CityNews"
Air Time:

6-9am Breakfast Television Simi Sara, Dave Gerry
Mark Docherty (news)
Dawn Chubai (weather/traffic)
6-7pm CityNews at Six Roger Petersen, Julie Nolin
Marke Dreisschen (weather)
Darrin Maharaj (entertainment)
11-11:30pm CityNews Tonight Roger Petersen


6-6:30pm CityNews Elaine Yong

Previous News Title(s):

"[CKVU] First News" / "1st News" (1970s-80s)
"U.TV News" (U News at Six) (1990s)
"Global News" (1997-2001)
"ckvu News" (2001-2002)
"CityPulse" (2002-2005)

(including but not limited to this list)

Previous Slogans:
"Good Information Goes A Long Way" (-2000)
"A World Worth Watching" (2001)
"Your 24 Hour News Source" (only for hourly updates) (2001-2002)
"Everywhere!" (used briefly as news slogan; still used as general station slogan) (2002)

Channel 32/ CIVT-TV
Cable Channel 9
Network: CTV
Ownership: CTV, Inc.

When CIVT was first launched, the independent station was branded as a hip, lively downtown station, like Citytv in Toronto. The news anchors practically never sat down. They read the news as they stood in the middle of the newsroom. The morning show was laid back and goofy and was supposedly fun to watch, even its set consisted of giant eggs and fork and juice box. 

The Citytv style, however, was meant to be temporary, to be replaced by something more conventional in fall 1999, when the station was supposed to become the CTV outlet in British Columbia. Even though the affiliation switch was later postponed to 2001, the conversion of the newscast format went ahead. The set was still in the middle of the newsroom, but now the anchors could sit down. The newscasts became, or at least looked, more serious. But even with the new, more "normal" format, VTV News would still finish last in the ratings, not much of an improvement from the CHUM-CITY style era.

Just a few months before the affiliation switch in 2001, the station hired away from BCTV 2 of BC's most recognized news anchors: Bill Good and Pamela Martin. They were paired up as the primary news anchor team for BC CTV (which later became simply "CTV"). The station also became visibly more aggressive with its news coverage; it boasts a large fleet of live vehicles (which it claims to be the biggest in BC), and in March 2004 became the first (and so far, only) TV station in Western Canada to operate a full-time news helicopter, Chopper 9.

Those efforts have not been in vain; the station's ratings have been increasing (now at 2nd place instead of dead last; practically traded places with CKVU). Even though CHAN-TV (now as Global BC) still holds a commanding lead over its competition, CIVT is nonetheless making significant progress in the race. Could CIVT claim the ratings crown some day? Stranger things have happened.

News Title: "CTV News"
Slogan: "Your Home. Your News."
Air Time:  

5-6pm CTV News at Five Coleen Christie
Tamara Taggart (weather)
Dr. Rhonda Low (health)
6-7pm CTV News at Six Bill Good, Pamela Martin
Tamara Taggart (weather)
Perry Solkowski (sports)
Chris Olsen (consumer news)
11:30pm-12mid CTV News at 11:30 Mi-Jung Lee


6-7pm CTV News at Six Mike Killeen, Keri Adams
Karen Khunkhun (weather)
Craig Neilsen (sports)
11:30pm-12mid CTV News at 11:30

Previous News Title(s):
"Vancouver News Live @ _" (1997-1999)
"VTV News" (1999-2001)

Previous Slogans:
"VTV Is News" (1999)
"Building A New Tradition" (2001-2002)
"BC's Live News Leader" (2003-2005)

Channel 42/ CHNM-TV
Cable Channel 8 (tentative)
Network: Independent/ Multicultural
Ownership: Multivan Broadcasting Corp.

Channel M became the first over-the-air TV station in Southwestern BC to provide ethnic language newscasts when it went on air in mid 2003. The station broadcasts news in Cantonese, Mandarin and Punjabi 6 days a week, and call-in shows in those languages on the weekends. Also shown on the weekends are Korean and Tagalog newscasts. As it stands, it is currently the only broadcast station in the Pacific Northwest to air news during the 8pm and 9pm hours, as the station fulfills the promise it made during license application to air multicultural programming during primetime. The station also has a news footage sharing agreement with CIVT/32.

News Title: "Channel M News"
Air Time:

8-9pm Channel M News: Cantonese Edition
(rebroadcast at 8am the following day)
Endora Fan, Karen So
9-9:30pm Channel M News: Mandarin Edition
(rebroadcast at 7:30am the following day)
Quan Gu
9:30-10pm Channel M News: Punjabi Edition
(rebroadcast at 7am the following day)
Anupreet Sandhu Bhamra


6-6:30pm Channel M News: Korean Edition
(rebroadcast at 9:30am the following day)
Hoonhee Cho
8-8:30pm Channel M News: Cantonese Edition
(rebroadcast at 8:30am the following day)
Iris Tong
8:30-9:30pm Interactive (Mandarin)
(rebroadcast at 7:30am the following day)
Guo Ding
9:30-10pm Channel M News: Punjabi Edition
(rebroadcast at 7am the following day)
Jasdip Wahla


6-6:30pm Channel M News: Tagalog Edition
(rebroadcast at 9am the following day)
Franco Teleg
8-9pm Interactive (Cantonese)
(rebroadcast at 8am the following day)
Charles Mak
9-9:30pm Channel M News: Mandarin Edition Carol Wang
9:30-10:30pm Interactive (Punjabi)
(rebroadcast at 7am the following day)
Sukhwant Hundal, Manpreet Grewal (alternating)

Channel 53/ CIVI-TV
Cable Channel 12
Network: Independent/ A-Channel
Ownership: CHUM Television

The New VI signed on the air in 2001 with much pomp and circumstance. And rightfully so, as it was, after all, Vancouver Island's first new TV station in 45 years. A big deal was made out of the station's unconventional news presentation and personalities. Stand-up anchors! (in line with CHUM's other TV stations) Weather from a yacht! Moe Sihota! And so it goes.

The fanfare, however, was quickly forgotten, replaced by the reality that comes with being the new kid on the block, as the station languished as a distant rival against the market's 800-pound gorilla, CHEK-TV (now known as CH), which had almost half a century's worth of headstart. Getting itself established was proving to be an uphill battle for the New VI.

The station entered a state of flux as it retooled its output in various attempts to attract viewers. Much of the founding news team (Tasha Larson, weather with Tony Latimer from the yacht, entertainment with Diane Dakers, etc.) had left the station. Anchors were moved, graphics were tweaked, but still to no avail. Weekend newscasts were cancelled in 2004. Even nightly phone-in show "VILand Voices" (hosted by Moe Sihota), which apparently had been one of the station's stronger news-related outputs, was not spared. The controversial former NDP cabinet minister couldn't save himself this time around.

Then the bombshell was dropped. In August 2004, it was announced that longtime CHEK TV anchor Hudson Mack would be joining VI as its news director and chief anchor. He debuted on VI in October, and brought with him a new look and feel for the station's news operation. In deviance of the CHUM philosophy, there is now an anchor desk, for one thing. Some have suggested that the station had given up on its own identity and is now essentially a clone of CHEK (even going so far as to nickname the station "The New CH"); however, given that VI has seen its ratings numbers increase since the relaunch, the changes seem to have worked (at least somewhat) in its favour.

Further changes descended upon the station in August 2005, when it was re-branded as "A-Channel Vancouver Island", and its newscasts were renamed "A-Channel News", in line with CHUM's latest corporate branding strategy. However, since there were no major personnel changes associated with the re-brand, it was arguably the most uneventful revamp the station had seen in its short history.

So far the storyline has eerily paralleled that of CIVT over in Vancouver. It's up to the viewers to decide whether it will have a happy ending.

Newscast Title: "A-Channel News"
Slogan: None
Air Time:

6:30-9am A-Channel Morning Adam Sawatsky
Stephanie Beaumont
Astrid Braunschmidt (news/weather)
5-7pm A-Channel News at 5 / 6 Ed Watson
Bruce Williams (weather)
Adam Sawatsky (entertainment)
Jason Pires (sports)
11-11:30pm A-Channel News at 11 Erick Thompson

(weekend newscasts were cancelled in 2004)

Previous News Title(s):
"VILand News" (2001-2004)
"VI News" (2004-2005)

Previous Slogan:
"Live, Local, Out There" (2002-2004)
"Vancouver Island's News" (2004-2005)

Television News in Vancouver: Right Here. Right Now.