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 >tv presentation: CKVU-TV

1970s: CKVU

A station ID from the era. (Taken from 25th anniversary montage.)

1980s: VU13

A station ID from the era. (Taken from 25th anniversary montage.)

1997-2001: Global

During its years as "Global," CKVU aired a series of Global idents that was also seen on other Global stations in the country. The idents involved various objects (eg. fish, flowers, maple leaf, etc.) morphing into the Global crescent logo at the end. Each ident was accompanied by its own version of the jingle. This set of idents was discontinued network-wide on September 1st, 2001, when the Global affiliation in BC went to CHAN-TV (formerly known as BCTV).

We start with the end. This frame is shown at the end of every ident. We then go back to the start:

Ident: Butterfly

Ident: First Nations / Totem Pole
(This ident might be scary to younger kids. I don't really know.)

Ident: Sails

Ident: Countdown. I like this variation of the jingle the best. There is also another version of this ident running in negative colours. 

Ident: "Countdown" Ident running in reverse colours.

Ident: Provincial Flags and Maple Leaves. I like this version the best. (The flag of New Brunswick is upside down...)

Ident: Flowers

Ident: Loon

Other ones: Balloon, Fish, Fireworks

Promotional and program captions are based on different variations of the idents:

Promotional Captions/ Trailors
This one is based on the fruits ident. This one is based on the butterfly ident.
Based on the fireworks ident. Based on the maple leaf / provincial flags ident, with the lonely maple leaf at the corner.
Based on the First Nations ident.

Program Captions

This one is based on the balloon ident. This one is based on the fireworks ident.
Based on the butterfly ident. (Please pardon the EP thing...)

They often also show break bumpers during commercials (or rather at the beginning of the breaks):

Break Bumper: Friends 1 with Courteney Cox-Arquette. Unknown music played in the background.

Break Bumper: Friends 2 with Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc. The "Friends" theme is played in the background.

Break Bumper: Friends 3 with Matthew Perry. The jingle from the fish ident is played in the bakground.

"Entertainment Update" graphics.

A program rundown shown during a show's closing titles (in this case Friends) that pushes the latter to the right half of the screen. The wooden orcas from the First Nations ident are hopping around in the background.

Fall trailers for the 01/02 season were already branded as "ckvu13":

2001- : ckvu13

The station became "ckvu13" on September 1st, 2001. It started airing station IDs based around a construction theme.

Workers Goofing Around variant.

Dancing Workers variant.

Signs of Change variant.

Even the program rundown often shown at the end of the 6pm news is based on the construction theme:

General program trailer:

Another style of program trailer (for movies):

Yet another style of the trailer graphics:

Event Calendar: "Community Watch"

Even "Community Watch" follows the construction theme, complete with the dancing workers.