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1999 : Year in Review

Welcome to! As the new year/century/millennium/whatever you call it approaches, let's take a look back at what was happening at this corner of the web in the year 1999.

At the beginning of the year, the title of this site was still unsettled. I took the temporary French name : La Page de Hinto, which means "The page of Hinto". Contentwise, this site started off the year with extremely simple ones. But as weeks went by I gradually added pages about my hobbies.

The first major change happened in February as I added frames to the site. The title of this site was also changed into It was also then when I divided the site into 3 sections: Main, containing a link page and pages about my hobbies; DPS 1998 (which was deleted later in the year); and Contact Me.

Since then I have been changing the layout of this site for several times. The last major change happened around June and July, and the last change involving the buttons and secondary frames took place in this month (Dec. 99), when I added a frame cell containing buttons and ads which were originally placed on Home.

In August, Friends on was created. This site feeds you with information about the NBC sitcom Friends. Another affiliate site scheduled to be launched is YVR Online. Part of it should be uploaded before the end of the Xmas break.

That's all for the review. Thanks for your support throughout the year. Please come to this site again, and have a great start in the new year.

HNET Inc., Dec. 1999