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Section 1: Friends and Relatives
Michael Luk My friend. He likes city-planning too. Nice design on his page.
Frank Choi What can I say... a person way beyond normal (in a good way).
Kraft Cheese Something found in supermarket (don't ask me which aisle).
Kenny Wong It wasn't too long ago that he became a webmaster. Now his site looks pretty good!
Ivan Wong A fan of Inter-Milan and Barcelona.
Sandra Khoo My aunt. You can take a look at the pictures of my twin cousins.

Section 2: Flags
Flags of the World (British mirror site) The most complete flag site.
World Flag Database Different sizes of flags available.
Flying (Animated) Flags Flags and maps of all countries (but in French).
Name That Flag! See if you can recognize flags picked from around the globe.
Flags of Canada and France Flags from both countries by Chris Pinette.
David Kendall's Vexillography Page He designed unofficial flags for various places.
North American Vexillology Assn. An organization for North American vexillologists.

Section 3: Sites About TV Stations
TV Ark Lots of TV idents from Britain.
Java With the immensely popular "What If" sections.
The Tyne Tees Logo Page A site about Tyne Tees Television, Northeastern England's ITV.
Harlech House of Graphics Logos from the ITV station in Wales.
Andrew Wiseman's 625 TV Room The hater of bugs, or DOGs, as the British prefer.
Round The Regions A look at regional TV news programs in Britain.
Fintan's Website TV idents from Australian networks, some with names simple enough (Seven, Nine, Ten).
Evan's Australian TV Archive See how the famous American ABC "NewsSeries 2000" theme is used Down Under.
Links to American TV stations and TV news sites are here.

Section 4: Other Websites
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