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CBUT "CBC News: Canada Now" (12/28/2000)

Note: Ian Hanomansing was off that night. Also although there are "teasers," they are mainly shown in between stories because at least the first 30 minutes of the program is commercial-free, as the first part of the network's plan to go commercial-free (in other words totally dependent on taxpayers' money which is kinda like BBC).

Part of the open. Part of the open. Part of the open. Finally the CBC News logo pops up. Moving to the right, and under some kind of structure... ...which turns out to be a bridge... ...the Lions Gate Bridge, to be exact. It's the first time I see the Bridge playing such a prominent role in a news open. Here's Gloria Macarenko, with the tease graphic. The teaser also features a L3 graphic, which in this case is blue... ...and red in this case. Those were the national and international headlines. After this short animation... ...we find Erica Johnson who has the local ones. The bridge then is shown again. After that a live shot of Vancouver is shown. We see a camera aiming at a TV screen with the Canada Now logo... ...panning down to show Gloria walking closer to another camera. Gloria walking towards THIS camera. Gloria stops, and the camera starts zooming in. The camera zooms in even more. We see a blurred image of a "CBC British Columbia" lightpost banner outside the window as the camera focuses on Gloria. Also, one more local headline. Notice the tease graphic is different. The top story is unrest in Israel. Here's a L3 graphic with only one row that reads "Tel Aviv." Now here's a more typical L3 graphic. CBC News' Paul Hunter in Jerusalem. The OTS graphic. The red part is animated. The L3 graphic with 3 rows. Gloria facing another camera. Maybe it's not that easy to tell the 2 camera shots apart. At about 6:10 Gloria hands over to Erica Johnson for a look ahead in the local section. Here's Erica with the L3. After a while they have the "in-between-stories" teaser, followed by the bridge wiping off the teaser. After a while they have the "in-between-stories" teaser, followed by the bridge wiping off the teaser. A map used. (I'm not too sure if it's the standard graphic.) The business segment open. The business segment open. In a split screen, Gloria hands over to Karen Percy in Toronto for business. Here's Karen with the L3. The L3 shows that Nasdaq had an up day. How often is that? The Arts segment open. The Arts segment open.

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