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CBUT "CBC News: Canada Now" (12/28/2000)(Cont'd)

We have one last look at Gloria... ...then she hands over to Erica for the local section. That same camera zooms in on Erica. A full-screen graphic used for a phone interview with Premier Ujjal Dosanjh vacationing in India, whose trip has turned somewhat more business-like. Their "One to One" full screen. You can send them your thoughts on the day's topic. After that they have a REALLY short weather section read out by Erica. Here's the 3 day forecast for Vancouver, put at the last after a whole bunch of other cities in the province. The Cover Story segment open. The Cover Story segment open. Here's Erica, with what looks like the desk in the background... ...then fading away and covered by this graphic. I'm not sure if this is achieved by chromakey effect. They look back at important stories in the year 2000. Here's the open to that segment... ...that is... ...unusually long. It fades away to show a reporter. Several staff members of CBC News comment on their most memorable stories of the year. Here's reporter Mike Chisolm. And here's Kelly McClughan. Both commented on stories related to missing children. Here's producer Sara Darling. And here's cameraman Glenn Weston. The L3 used while showcasing a "Cover Story" to be shown some time in the future. They then take a look back at the top stories. They then go to the next top story, ushered in by a bar-like graphic. Erica saying goodbye.

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