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Special Coverage

10:55am, February 28, 2001
10 miles northeast of Olympia, Washington, 30 miles underground

So that is when and where the earthquake that measured 6.8 on the Richter Scale happened. But it was felt way beyond western Washington, from Kelowna BC to Salt Lake City. Here on TVYVR's special coverage we'll take a look at how Vancouver's BCTV reported on the earthquake during their "News Hour" broadcast on that day. Other stations were not included because 1) I only had one tape handy (poor excuse, I know) and 2) BCTV was the only station that had "unusual" open and graphics for their newscast. Just to say that I wasn't biased against other stations. Several graphics from KING5 and KIRO7 in Seattle are included as well.

BCTV "News Hour" Snapshots
KING5 and KIRO7 Snapshots
BCTV "News Hour" Open
(325KB): Usually they have the headlines shown during the open, but that day they didn't.

Some snapshots are cross-referenced into both snapshot categories.